With two decades in the game, Bow Wow still isn’t letting up on his hustle.

In February, the rapper announced his partnership with KISS Colors & Care as its celebrity ambassador, as previously reported by AfroTech. Fast forward to a month later, he’s now the face of the Polaris Make Your Mark campaign, HipHopDX reports.

As he continues to work with brands, Bow Wow acknowledged in an interview with the outlet that his business ventures’ success is thanks to Jay-Z and Diddy blazing the path before him.

“He’s definitely one of the [firsts],” he said in reference to Ice-T sharing in a past interview about Snoop Dogg being a pioneer of the rapper turned mogul pipeline. “I think what Ice-T probably means is this was the first gangster rapper; somebody who came up gang-banging and all of a sudden, everybody in America loves him. And we can credit him for that. But for, me JAY-Z and Puff as rappers in Hip Hop were the first to do the business thing. You only need that one person to open up that door. So to me, those two guys are the first, but if you’re talking about from a gangster rapper perspective, Ice-T’s a West Coast legend. He’s a legend, period.”

He continued: “That’s why I never disrespect those who came before me in this business because it weren’t for them, I would have no guidance, no GPS, no navigation to get to where I’m trying to get to.”

Financial Guidance From Jay-Z

AfroTech shared that Bow Wow previously credited Jay-Z and his “4:44” album for providing him with a good financial mindset back in 2021.

“We gotta start teaching the youth early about credit and how important it is,” he wrote via his Instagram story, according to HotNewHipHop. “It’s cool to have cash, but with good credit … man the world is yours! Nothing like looking at all 3 scores and you a 730 or better!!!! Learn the importance of having good credit! Trust me.”