“It is expensive to dream.”

In a transparent TikTok,  former Beauty & Style Editor at ESSENCE, Blake Newby shared how her privilege of support from her parents played a role in her being where she is in her successful career in the editorial industry — especially as a Black woman.


Replying to @Amber Charmayne I feel like this will require a part two – but again, this is strictly my experience as someone who chose a career in a low-paying field.

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From Transparency To Pivoting

“I will never get on this app and say, ‘Just hard work,'” Newby said. “Hard work was not the only dynamic at play for my success. Hard work was one, but being in a position of privilege, to dream, and have a stable living situation where I didn’t have to get four or five roommates that all played a part.”

As she has said farewell to her role at Essence, Newby is entering a new space to back up what she preaches about bridging the gap between culture and capital.

Stepping Into VC

Newby announced that she will be working for a beauty capital firm to support her community.

“My day job will be that I will be leading community at a beauty venture capital firm giving small Black beauty brands a chance. And giving them equity and leveling the playing field.”

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As of now, she has yet to disclose further details on her role and the VC firm’s name.

New Content From The New Investor

In her video, she referred to DeAndre Brown’s experience of being an influencer in corporate America.

As previously reported by AfroTech, the viral social media star stepped down from his job and aims to bring change to the workforce for minorities.

“If large corporations want tremendous talent, then they have to be okay with them doing their own thing,” Newby said. “The beautiful thing is that when I went to my future boss who is a Black woman and I said, ‘Look, I want to be able to still do me.’ She was like, ‘Okay girl.’”

Newby made clear that she will be continuing to do everything including upcoming television spots, trips with brands, and more. The main difference is now she’ll be doing these things for herself, not a brand. 

The new investor plans to create content showing the day in the life of a “Black female investor that is spending money toward Black beauty brands.”