Conquering fear has led to great success for Mia Davis.

For over a decade, Davis worked in corporate America, specifically in marketing, according to Business Insider. 

However, the exhausting challenges that come with working a 9-5 combined with motherhood sparked something in her. It made her want to “fight” for her dreams and not lose herself and ambition.

“I realized then that I needed to leave my six-figure corporate job to focus on my budding company, an organization called Color Vision that empowers women to improve equity in creative industries,” Davis shared in an article for Business Insider. “I knew it’d make me a better entrepreneur, but what I didn’t realize was how it’d make me a better mom.”

Previously, to follow through with her business, Davis worked to define her vision, build a strong network, and came up with a financial plan.

“My husband and I sat down and discussed our family budget, cash flow needs, and what we would need to feel financially secure before I left my job,” she also said in the piece. “We wanted to be sure we weren’t causing a ripple effect of anxiety when I started to focus on my dreams.”

She continued, “For the last few months of my corporate job, I also focused aggressively on saving to have a financial safety net to sustain my family during the transition and in the early stages of my business just in case I wasn’t immediately successful.”

Taking the skills she built from working in corporate America as well as creating a thorough business plan translated to success. According to Davis, her company, Color Vision, is a seven-figure business, and she quadrupled her income.

According to Color Vision’s website, the company offers training, mentorship, and resources to help creative women of color have increased access to opportunities in business and higher education.