MoonXCosmetics, a handmade vegan skincare line specializing in all skin types, just experienced major success online, but not without the vision of its 20-year-old founder.

MoonXCosmetics offers an assortment of products ranging from natural hydrating oils, cleansers, body conditioners, masks, and more — some of which were restocked on its virtual shelves on Thursday.

Mariee Revere, CEO and founder, took to Twitter to announce that she made $1 million in eight minutes off of what she said would be a “million-dollar restock.”

“1 million in 8 minutes! thank you god and thank you to everyone who supported me! i had to cut the site 26 minutes due to me reaching 20k + orders! thank you so much!” Revere said via Twitter.

Based on her company’s Instagram, MoonXCosmetics seems to have gained the approval of various celebrity influencers and customers with testimonials of proven results, but the proof can also be found in the numbers.

The company’s earliest post on Instagram was back in April of 2017. Now, years later, MoonXCosmetics and its proud Black owner are sitting at over 226,000 followers and a million strong.