The coronavirus has proven to be a multi-layered nemesis with its effects spanning far beyond that of physical sickness. Not only has it taken a toll on the stock market, but now Black hair suppliers in Maryland and Washington, D.C. are being affected by its pandemic reach. According to WUSA 9, hair care businesses are facing challenges securing hair shipments from their wholesalers located in Asia.

District Cheveux, located in Bowie, Maryland, depends on weave and wig shipments from China to fulfill customer orders, but due to the coronavirus, the company has taken a hit.

“I just never imagined coronavirus would affect me, being in the states,” District Cheveux stylist, Shannel Wallace told WUSA 9. “Not directly as far as being sick, but my business,” she said.

Hair shipments to District Cheveux have also been extremely delayed. Wallace said an order she placed in January still hasn’t arrived.

“They [the vendor] finally reached back out to me and said due to the virus, everyone, I’m guessing, is quarantined and they’re not able to go to work,” Wallace said.

Wallace also stated that her customers are afraid and questioning if her hair from China will be contaminated with the virus.

District Cheveux is not alone in the struggle to secure hair shipments from Asia. Stephanie Nolan, the owner of XOXO Virgin Hair located in Prince George, Maryland, says she is also having trouble receiving wigs from Vietnam.

“Due to the coronavirus, and the measures taken to cut down on the virus in China, people aren’t allowed to go to, or really return to, work,” Nolan told WUSA 9.

Weaves and wigs are not the only troublesome products being delayed, but brand labels are also being affected. WUSA 9 reports Khalida Bafalie has not received labels for her Kinky Girl Naturals brand.

As the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the world, these Black hair care providers are also feeling its wrath, but are doing their best to weather the storm.

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