We all know that creatives have been running the world, but now they can also run up a check thanks to technology!

Creative industry leader and host of Claima (which is short for “claim a seat at the table”) Stories, Bimma Williams knows exactly what it means to be able to use technology to your advantage to claim a seat at the table.

“It’s changed everything,” he told Black Tech Green Money host, Will Lucas. “I think back to the time of this creator kind of community that’s happening in the midst of creative economy.”

He further explains that from his point of view, around 2010 and 2011, the world saw Facebook mature, Instagram began to come online and Twitter was already mature. He said people had pretty large followings but didn’t have a chance to really cash in from a monetization standpoint.

“When you think about today and how those tools have really advanced to how you can literally have something like a Patreon account where you can get a subscription model going for yourself which in turn becomes a business,” he explained.

From a tech standpoint, there wasn’t always a time that this was the case.

“From a tech perspective, you weren’t able to charge people a subscription seamlessly,” Williams continued. “You weren’t able to have digital events where people could pay to attend those events. It didn’t exist at the time.”

Williams explains that now, this can all be done through a simple app on your iPhone.

“These are leaps and bounds from where we were a decade ago,” he said.

As the person who runs the #1 iTunes rated career podcast, Claima, Williams is also actively doing the work to help Black and Brown creatives find their dream careers.

Hear more about Williams’ work through Claima, how creatives can claim a seat at the table or build their own, by tuning into the latest episode of Black Tech Green Money below: