Viral TikTok trends have become the new way for music fans to discover artists and their discography. Although the skyrocketing streams have been keeping artists’ pockets stacked and their social media platforms growing, TikTok challenges‘ impact on music hasn’t received the same official documentation, praise, and recognition that charting hit records on the radio receive.

Billboard is now introducing the Song Breaker Chart — its “first-ever creator-centered music chart.” The new monthly chart is a collaboration with Logitech and will further highlight digital creators as music consumption and the industry’s structure continues to evolve.

“Every day we see new trends exploding in popularity across social platforms and we are beyond thrilled to highlight these breakthrough creators who are redefining stardom in the music industry,” said Julian Holguin, president of Billboard, in an official statement.

After the success of Logitech’s Song Breaker Awards, Billboard decided to join the wave of properly giving social media influencers their flowers for the groundbreaking impact that they’ve made on pop culture that is not only influencing today’s artists, but also the next generations of artists in the future that will take notes.

Many social media creators and personalities’ music are genre-bending and this latest chart gives their tracks the chance to make their own history as their fellow musicians have with genres like Hip-Hop and pop.

Along with promoting music fluidity, the Song Breaker chart will assist in silencing the social media debates of who deserves credit for helping a song’s numbers blow up.

The Song Breaker Chart’s inaugural August edition lists hitmakers Lizzo and Jason Derulo along with the total of 20 content creators.


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“The music industry has changed and social media has been at the forefront of that change,” Derulo told Billboard. “This chart is indicative of how powerful it is to have a presence online. Billboard, thank you for recognizing!”

Updates to the Song Breaker Chart will be made on Billboard on the second Tuesday of every month.