This household of triplets is drenched in Black excellence.

USA Today reports Morgan Hicks, Sanai Hicks, and Tony Hicks Jr. graduated high school with a 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9 GPA, respectively.

What’s more, they have been admitted into dozens of colleges across the nation and they ultimately settled on heading to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Morgan and Sanai will be heading to Spelman College while Tony will be attending Morehouse College.

“My PWI dream school was Duke and my HBCU dream school was Spelman,” Sanai told USA TODAY. “My mom, when we were applying, she told us to apply to as many as we possibly could so that we could have options to choose from.”

The triplets also received scholarships to support their educational journeys.

In addition to receiving private scholarships, Sanai and Morgan were awarded $18,000 each from Spelman College while Tony received $60,000 from Morehouse College.

“It’s very expensive for one child, let alone three, so they expressed numerous times scholarships, you have to be on top of your scholarships,” Morgan expressed to CBS News.

The accomplishment is particularly important to parents Tony Sr. and Sharnetta. Their children were born prematurely. Sharnetta had a ruptured abscess and was taken to an intensive-care unit.

“My wedding band actually fit on Morgan’s wrist,” Tony Sr. explained to USA Today. “She was the smallest of the three. It was just amazing to see that and to see them now.”

Looking ahead, the triplets envision a bright future.

While Sanai plans to become a lawyer, Morgan is studying to become a biomedical engineer, pursuing a dual-degree from Spelman and the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Tony Jr. aspires to become an aerospace engineer.

“Mathematics comes naturally to me and I’m very interested in robotics and aircrafts,” Tony Jr. told USA Today.