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Op-Ed: How To Land A Six-Figure Job Offer In IT

Editorial Note: Opinions and thoughts are the writer’s own and not those of AFROTECH. Inflation is up, so your salary should be going up too. And there’s no better place to get a higher salary than in the Information Technology field. With the ever-growing demand for skilled IT professionals, the IT industry has many high-salary opportunities to offer. Whether you are an experienced IT professional looking to level up or someone considering a career transition into the IT sector, it is possible to land a six-figure job offer in IT with some research and preparation. 1. Identify a high-paying in-demand niche The IT industry is pretty wide, so start by identifying in-demand niches with high salaries. This crucial first step will help you narrow down your focus so you can create a strategic plan on how to get into that specific field. Most people cast a wide net and find themselves going around in circles because they get confused by the different options they are pursuing. In order to...

Peju Adedeji

Sep 1, 2023