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So You Want to Fund Black Founders

I was one of the first Black investors to be promoted to Partner at a venture capital firm. At the time (2015), I was also one of the youngest, having just turned 31 years old. I have been in the venture industry since 2011 , beginning as an intern in Kapor Capital’s inaugural Summer Associates program. I have never seen a wave of pro-Black commentary and actions like the one we are all witnessing today. Over the past few weeks, more people than ever before have aligned themselves to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, including people in tech. Specifically, many venture capital firms are now opening their doors to fund more Black founders. Many of these firms have reached out to me, asking what ways they can be helpful during these times. Rather than focus on the history of venture and its deep-rooted exclusionary practices, I am writing this piece as a guide. After nine years as a venture capitalist (which is considered “veteran” status in the Black investment community), I have...

Jun 15, 2020