Reaching new heights depends on taking risks.

For Antoine Grant, his path demonstrates that he was always destined for a successful entrepreneurial path. However, it required a bit of timing.

Based on an interview with gravy., the LA native began tapping into running side businesses when he was in elementary school. Then, Grant went on to earn his MBA, hold positions in both the startup and corporate worlds, as well as invest in tech and real estate for more than 10 years.

After pursuing numerous roles and having a family including two children, Grant found a comfortable job working as a general manager at Wayfair, an online home furnishing company. Despite the stability, he desired ownership. Stepping out on his own, in less than a year, Grant became the founder and CEO of Homethreads. According to gravy., the company has brought in $30 million in revenue.

Instead of allowing a corporate job to keep him from his entrepreneurial dreams, Grant used that time to effectively strike at his goals in a smart manner. Devising strategies and building relationships with venture capitalists set the foundation for closing on the Homethreads deal.

“It took years for me to get to that realization of looking into the mirror and saying, ‘Okay this is what you’re actually good at,” Grant said during the interview. “This is what you’ve been prepared to do. Go and take advantage of this opportunity, which matches your skill set and relationships.'” 

While Homethreads sits as a multimillion-dollar company (as of this writing), Grant aims to take it into the billions in the near future.

“This particular platform that we have, I honestly think it’s a multibillion-dollar platform,” he expressed. “The market is massive.”

He continued, “I think that there’s an ability to create these billion-dollar institutions between the toes of these giants. All the dynamics are there…We’re well positioned given our five years of history, the revenue that’s currently being generated, which is substantial, and the new profitability of the company to grow this substantially over the next couple of years.”

To watch the full interview, check it out below.