Alicia Keys — 15-time Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter — is putting her talents to good use and spreading the wealth of music knowledge to aspiring artists.

According to Variety, Keys has promised to share her approach to songwriting with the masses through her newly-launched online-video class, which shares over 19 lessons and three-plus hours of visual learning content.

Keys launched her class on MasterClass, a streaming platform that has various courses led by celebrities and experts alike. The platform offers an annual $180 subscription plan and full access to the platform’s catalog of 90-plus classes.

According to an announcement from MasterClass, the legendary singer is inviting users into her studio to walk them through her entire songwriting and producing process for creating heartfelt music with authentic emotion.

“Alicia is simply a legend,” said David Rogier, founder and CEO of MasterClass, in a statement. “She appeals to and unites her audience with empathy and empowerment. In her MasterClass, Alicia not only breaks down her creative process, but deconstructs her most influential songs. She inspires all of us to control our power and purpose.”

Variety reports the lessons will start with developing lyrics at the piano in her Live Room, recording and layering vocals in the Iso Booth, and arranging sonics in her Control Room.

In addition to breaking down the anatomy of anthems like “Fallin'” and others, MasterClass shares Keys will explain the many influences and elements that contribute to the creation of her signature sound. This includes how she wields the power of specific vocal arrangements and experimentation with instruments and software.

Through her online class, Keys will also discuss her opinions on inequalities within the music industry and how her new platform is creating more seats at the table “for those whose voices are silenced,” according to a news release.

“I cannot stress enough the power you have when you’re truly confident in yourself,” Keys said in an announcement. “In my MasterClass, I’m excited to connect on a different level. We’re gonna talk about what I’ve learned, my process and how to access what’s inside of you, so you can connect and get it out into the world.”

Keys’ deconstructing MasterClass is designed for artists at all levels to detail her unique creative process as someone who has broken many barriers in the music industry.

By offering a rare wealth of music knowledge and her monumental career experiences, Keys’ class will ultimately empower artists to “define their purpose, channel their empathy and find their authentic rhythm,” a news release states.

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