Most people have an “I remember when” moment. Those occurrences are usually marked by music, like the first time you heard your favorite Hip-Hop song or the R&B track that played in the background on your first date.

Music has a way of setting a mood and creating a vibe, but it also serves as a marker in history for the best of life’s moments. And AFROTECH Conference is becoming one of those experiences, offering ticket holders the ultimate “work-hard, play-hard” situation with AFROTECH Music.

Scheduled for Nov. 1-5, 2023, in Austin, TX, the AFROTECH Conference will bring together thousands of Black technologists, entrepreneurs, executives, and more. Each day, conference attendees will attend sessions and meet movers and shakers who have the potential to change the trajectory of their lives.

So, it only makes sense the conference is capped off by musical and social experiences that take the week of learning and growth to the next level with AFROTECH Music.

AFROTECH Music is your in-conference experience for official entertainment during AFROTECH Conference. In partnership with high-profile sponsors, each event features some of the industry’s biggest names in rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, house, Afrobeats, and more.

The vibes will be top-tier. While there is no doubt about that, we want to make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to turn up with your old friends and the new ones you will meet during the week.

AFROTECH Music will consist of three events across two days.

First, “Protect The Culture” is the opening AFROTECH Music event happening Friday, Nov. 3, with a soon-to-be-announced group of artists representing some of the music industry’s finest talent.

Saturday, Nov. 4, is the big day with back-to-back vibes sponsored by Lexus.

During the day, ticket holders can get ready for music’s biggest boss, Rick Ross, on the Official Music Stage. Along with the “Aston Martin Music” artist, attendees will be able to catch DJ Spinderella, Soulection (Jadaboo, Joe Kay, Andre Power), and DJ Hunnybee.


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Following a quick nap, AFROTECH Music will be waiting on you with its After Hours event, featuring Hip-Hop legend Jadakiss, headlining the affair and other special guests.

(Did you catch him on VERZUZ? Yeah, it’s about to be lit.)


While the various ticket levels to AFROTECH Conference get you plugged into the learning sessions, AFROTECH Music experiences must be purchased separately.

Head over to the AFROTECH Conference site and register for an all-access ticket for the entire experience, including AFROTECH Music. If you’re still a little undecided, you can register for a different tier (general admission, student, corporate, executive) and add AFROTECH Music upon completion.

Click here to learn more and purchase your ticket.