Intelligence, drive, and ambition seems to run in this family as the father, son and daughter have earned their master’s degree.

Commondre Cole alongside his son, Ja’Coby Cole, and his daughter, Iesha Gully were among the graduating class at Mississippi State University. They all earned master’s degrees in education, WXXV25 reports.

“This is a big accomplishment for our family,” said in an interview. “Just to keep driving and keep going forward and to lead by example and to show my younger siblings and the rest of my family that we can do it. We started strong, and we finish strong.”

When the family achieves success together, the opportunities are endless. With the latest accomplishment, they are now joining the world of educators that are making the world a better place one child at a time.

Leading by Example

Not only did the trio receive their degrees in education, but they are also leading the charge as educators. All three of them hold titles as teachers across various schools in the area.

Commondre currently teaches at Northwest Middle School and Ja’Coby is a teacher at Oakland Heights Elementary. Both schools are located in the Meridian Public School District. On the other hand, Gully teaches at Northeast Elementary located in the Lauderdale County School District.

For Ja’Coby, becoming a teacher right away was never in the cards.

“I knew I’d have to have a backup plan, so I thought about my mom, my dad’s and my sister’s footsteps,” he said. “They’re all educators, and I thought it’d be best for me to follow their footsteps.”

Keeping it in The Family

Commondre also revealed that his wife, Jessica Gully-Cole is an educator and is the one who encouraged him to continue his education alongside their children.

“We accomplished this and we’re all walking together,” Commondre expressed during the ceremony.