Never underestimate a Black woman’s drive for success.

Vivian Fisher, a 98-year-old woman from California, achieved her lifelong dream recently graduating high school.

According to Black News, as part of Monrovia High School’s Class of 2020, Fisher received her diploma alongside her great-grandnephew, Elijah Vance, in a drive-thru ceremony.

Vance’s father rented a van for the entire family to ensure everyone could make it to see both of them graduate.

“We had 12 people in there so we loaded it up everybody was able to come that wanted to come,” said Jason Vance, Vivian’s great-nephew, to KABC.

Fisher wasn’t able to graduate high school in her youth because she worked multiple jobs to support her family.

Her dream of graduating has been 82 years in the making, but she never let time stop her.

“This graduation ceremony will go down as one of the most unique and exceptional graduations that this school has had,” said Kirk McGinnis, principal of Monrovia High School, to KABC.

Fisher isn’t the only one in her family to achieve historical feats. Her father was the first Black graduate of Monrovia High School and the first Black police officer in Monrovia, Black News reports.

Fisher met up to speak with reporters about her historical accomplishment in the same park named after her father.

She stated that her hard work was the reason she was able to achieve her dream and shared a message for people to never give up.

“Stay in school and be somebody,” she told CBS News. “Being a nobody, anybody can do that.”