The kids are alright!

Lil Dee is the eight-year-old behind “Our Brown Boy Joy,”  the company created to both empower and inspire brown boys across the country by showing them just how special they are.

Recently, he’s announced the launch of “My Friend,” a plush doll line designed to be both a tool and a toy that promotes positivity.

“Brown boys should know they are wonderful, just the way they are!,” shared Lil Dee.

My Friend plush dolls were created with Lil Dee’s mantra in mind and each doll speaks positive affirmations like “Brown boy, you are joy.”


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“Our latest product resonates with young black and brown boys because we have intentionally designed them to be representative of our boys,” said Lil Dee’s mother, Luciana Gilmore in an exclusive interview with AfroTech. “From the clothing to the message, My Friend Plush looks like our brown boys, dresses like our brown boys, and speaks like our brown boys!”

Each doll also sports a hoodie in honor of Trayvon Martin to reiterate that clothes should never be viewed as threatening or to justify bias. The dolls also rock a pair of jeans along with a pair of Timberland-inspired boots.

“Our boys are extraordinary, and they deserve to have toys that reflect who they are,” she continued.

It is for that very reason that Gilmore has supported her son’s company and is helping him use his platform to tackle the lack of representation in toys and products for Black boys.

“My favorite product is the My Friend Plush. It’s so cool because it looks like me and dresses like me,” Lil Dee expressed.

Lil Dee hopes that his products will help to boost both the confidence and self-esteem of boys who look like him and create an environment where they feel comforted, welcomed, and supported.

To shop the line, visit Our Brown Boy Joy.