The COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand for online goods and services. Many businesses are moving to the web as a result. However, some owners need help navigating the digital retail space. Amazon has become their haven. More than 50% of products purchased on Amazon come from third parties. And those sellers are primarily small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). 

SMBs are growing like never before thanks to the online marketplace, which is ideal for small, minority-owned businesses. They are one of the fastest-growing categories of small business. As a result, they are substantial contributors to many U.S. communities’ economies. 

One of SMBs’ biggest hurdles is getting their products and services to their target audiences. So Amazon stepped in. Since 2000, it has helped SMBs reach more than 300 million customers.

Between 2019 and 2020, Amazon invested over $30 billion in fostering SMB growth and brand awareness. In 2020, it launched more than 250 tools and services to help sellers manage their businesses. And Amazon continues to roll out new features to keep these businesses in the game.

With the right platform and exposure, SMBs can reach their potential. If you are an entrepreneur or SMB owner, take advantage of this expanding market. Amazon likely has a platform that fits your needs perfectly.

1. For Artisans, Creators and Makers: The Amazon platform is ideal for creatives who want to reach wider markets. Newly launched brands and emerging eCommerce businesses should check out Amazon Launchpad, Amazon Business, Merch by Amazon or Amazon Handmade. With these platforms, you can rest assured your goods will land in front of the audiences you want. 

“Our sales grew over 70% after the first year we joined Amazon. Amazon added a layer of credibility for us as a small business and helped bring in new customers we wouldn’t have reached otherwise.” – Sarah Ribner, CEO & Co-founder of PiperWai

2. For Marketers and Content Creators: The written word may be the most effective marketing medium. Through engaging content, you can connect with new audiences. Are you an affiliate marketer? Extend your reach and create valuable partnerships with Affiliate or Amazon Influencer

3. For Logistics and Delivery Entrepreneurs: One of Amazon’s most valuable benefits is trustworthy delivery service. For drivers offering that crucial service, being reliable is vital. Amazon offers these entrepreneurs a chance to become Amazon Delivery Service Partners. Through the DSP program, partners can build their own business, work on their own schedule, and provide dependable delivery services.

“I was an educator and administrator with the Baltimore City Schools. One of my proudest achievements was starting ‘integrity centers’ for students who needed extra attention. The DSP opportunity to start my own small business delivering packages for Amazon was exactly what I was looking for next. I want more young people in the community to consider entrepreneurship as a path.” – Theo Devine, Owner of Integrity Delivered

4. For Gamers and Live Streamers: Are you a gamer who is ready to earn money that isn’t pixelated? Twitch makes it easy to stream your gameplay for followers in real time. Then, you can build your following and gain profits through subscriptions.

5. For Authors and Storytellers: Amazon’s Prime Video Direct and the free Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) service allow storytellers to publish their work online. Independent authors use KDP to reach new audiences directly. Millions of books have been self-published since 2007. In the last year alone, KDP authors earned more than $370 million in royalties. This is especially beneficial for diverse voices. These creators often struggle to earn space in the traditional publishing world. Amazon’s platforms can help them share their stories with wider audiences than ever.

“I felt an urgent need to share my stories with audiences, specifically children, in the Houston area. Kindle Direct Publishing allowed me to bypass the hurdles and timelines of traditional publishing.” – Tonya Duncan Ellis, Author of the Sophie Washington children’s book series

6. For Cloud Architects and Developers: Businesses are facing many challenges as they move online. So, there are endless opportunities to monetize digital solutions. Architects are building apps to solve these new problems every day. Developers looking to build in the Cloud must explore the Amazon App Store, AWS Marketplace or Alexa Skills.

If you want to launch your own eCommerce initiative, partner with Amazon. Its wealth of resources will help you unlock the earning potential of your small business. 

 This editorial is brought to you in partnership with Amazon.