50 Cent plans to develop housing in Shreveport, LA.

As Blavity previously shared, the Shreveport area is now home to the rapper’s G-Unit Studios, an extension of his G-Unit Films and Television company. The 985,000-square-foot property aims “to operate a production studio and/or activities and uses related to the promotion or development of the film, sound, light, movie, television, broadcasting, recording, and arts industries,” per a previous report by AFROTECH™.

G-Unit Studios’ purpose includes giving opportunities to creatives and the community. 50 Cent has announced a three-phase plan to revitalize the area, with housing development being a focus area, according to KTAL-6 News in Shreveport.

“We start building houses, and we have an idea to go into communities and help low- to moderate-income families get mortgages,” Orville Hall, G-Unit’s growth advisor, said per KTAL-6.

Furthermore, plans will focus on supporting youth by creating new media programs.

“We’re going to go to each high school,” Hall added. “We hope to put a media program in each high school, right, to start training purposes and mentorship and all kinds of things, to put these young people in a positive environment.”

Phase one of 50 Cent’s plan is currently in progress and includes buying a minimum of 24 properties, some of which have already been secured, to grow businesses and meet the needs of the community.

“It’s quite a few entertainment spots for not only adults but kids. He’s bringing a big jump park here that he’s paid — it’s a substantial size park,” explained Gerod Durden, a real estate broker who is working closely with 50 Cent. “We’re looking at a grocery store in the immediate downtown Shreveport area, and those are ideas that we come up with together with the whole team and saying, ‘What can help the community?'”

Once the revitalization process is complete, 50 Cent and his team plan to shift gears to housing and its youth programs.

“This guy is very passionate about this city,” Durden said.