50 Cent has taken another step on the path of building out G-Unit Film Division.

In May 2023, AFROTECH previously reported that the rapper and businessman bought a 985,000-square-foot property to develop into a studio for G-Unit Film Division.

“Well, would you look at here,” he said in the Instagram video. “985,000 square feet. Can you say G-Unit studios?”

“GL. GreenLightGang G-unit film &Tv. BOOM. I need room to work. I don’t miss. Will never be the same,” he wrote in the post’s caption.

Now, 50 Cent has his sights on another property. KSLA News 12 reports that on Nov. 14, Shreveport, LA’s City Council members advanced the effort to lease the city-owned Millennium Movie Studio to him for his G-Unit Film & Television Louisiana, LLC. 

The outlet details that 50 Cent’s company aims to use the building “to operate a production studio and/or activities and uses related to the promotion or development of the film, sound, light, movie, television, broadcasting, recording, and arts industries.”

”We enjoyed for a period after 2005, we enjoyed a very robust television and film industry in the Shreveport area,” Shreveport Mayor Tom Arceneaux said, according to the outlet. “This will bring back, I think, a lot of those people and will rejuvenate that industry in our area. So I think the film industry is about to blossom again in Shreveport.”

He continued, “He’s undertaking all of the maintenance and repair, which is around $160,000 to $170,000 a year. So to look at just the lease payment is not fair to him. We also anticipate he’s going to make several million dollars of improvements to the facility. This is a very serious proposal, a very serious undertaking by him.”

If the lease is approved, its set rate is $2,400 per year for 30 years. Additionally, 50 Cent would be able to renew the lease for 15 more years. On Dec. 12, the city council is expected to meet to decide on the final approval.