The time has come once again for AFROTECH™ Future 50 to celebrate those who are actively shaping the future.

Launched in 2022, the annual list honors dynamic investors, future makers, visionary founders, changemakers, and corporate catalysts. 

Familiar faces that have been featured on previous Future 50 lists include Uncle Nearest’s Fawn Weaver, Topicals’ Olamide Olowe, The Gathering Spot’s Ryan Wilson, Fanbase’s Isaac Hayes III, and more.

In addition to being celebrated on AFROTECH™’s digital hub and social media platforms, the Future 50 are honored at the AFROTECH™ Conference — the largest Black homecoming. 

To kick off the 2024 AFROTECH™ Future 50, we’re highlighting five individuals who embody each category to help you shoot your shot before this year’s list goes live. Check them out below:

Charles Hudson Is A Dynamic Investor

Dynamic Investors are venture capitalists who have made significant contributions to advancing underserved tech founders. Precursor Ventures Managing Partner and Founder Charles Hudson exemplifies a dynamic investor. His firm has made over 400 investments in early-stage companies, including those that are underserved. Precursor Ventures’ portfolio includes companies such as Partake Foods, Praxis Labs, Goodr, Rebundle, and Incredible Health. The latter became a billion-dollar company in 2022.

Lanny Smoot Is A Future Maker

Future Makers have spearheaded groundbreaking tech innovation.

Lanny Smoot, an inventor, Disney research fellow, and “imagineer,” is known as a future maker for his technological contributions to Disney theme parks and experiences. This made him a National Inventors Hall of Fame inductee. What’s more, he made history by receiving over 100 patents. 

Tope Awotona Is A Visionary Founder

Visionary Founders lead remarkable company growth and promote diversity and inclusion.

Tope Awotona is known as the visionary behind scheduling platform Calendly.

As the founder and CEO, Awotona has led the charge in making the platform a billion-dollar company with over 20 million users worldwide. Additionally, in 2022, Forbes named Awotona “one of America’s wealthiest immigrants.” Is A Changemaker

Changemakers have made a significant social impact in the tech industry.

Rapper and singer-songwriter is not only known for his group Black Eyed Peas but is also a Changemaker for the tech companies he has created, including and FYI.

Along with being a tech entrepreneur, he serves as a futurist, advisor, and science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) education activist. To encourage the youth even further, founded Foundation to provide STEAM opportunities and college scholarships.

Thasunda Brown Duckett Is A Corporate Catalyst

Corporate Catalysts actively promote diversity and redefine and implement initiatives to do so.

Thasunda Brown Duckett, the president and CEO of the insurance company TIAA, is the definition of one.

Duckett has been outspoken about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), a cornerstone of TIAA’s culture. The insurance company features Business Resource Groups (BRGs) to unify underrepresented groups and allies.

Like the five aforementioned individuals, we want to celebrate your efforts. If you believe you are a Corporate Catalyst like Duckett, a Changemaker like, a Visionary Founder like Awotona, a Future Maker like Smoot, or a Dynamic Investor like Hudson, you are the future.

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