In his featured verse on Chance The Rapper’s “No Problems,” Lil Wayne told us to forget about a watch; he’d buy a new arm. Still not entirely sure what Wayne meant by that. However, it is clear that Rick Ross disagrees.

The rapper and mogul may have an affinity for watches. When asked about his best business decision to date as a CEO by HipHopDX, he revealed that it’s his $3 million timepiece.

It Costs How Much?

Rick Ross has been coined as the “biggest boss.” And as the franchise owner of numerous Wing Stops, a record label, a champagne line, and many other investments, it is no surprise why people look to Ross for business guidance.

While on the red carpet for the 2022 BET Awards, Ross was stopped by Jeremy Hecht and asked what his best business decision was as a CEO. With only a slight pause, Ross gave an unexpected answer.

“Uh, man, uh…maybe this $3 million watch.”

If dropping the price tag on the watch wasn’t enough, Ross went on to reveal that the week after he purchased the timepiece on his arm, he went on to earn $20 million. If it’s the truth, that’s a whopping $17 million recovery.

He's A Boss

Ross officially hit the music scene in 2006 with his hit song, “Hustlin.” From there, the rapper’s career seemed to take off with no indication of slowing down.

As previously reported by AfroTech, Rick Ross has amassed a $45 million net worth. And, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Ross’ boss moves are not all about flexing on the gram. He made it apparent to Miami Living Magazine that his work is focused on leaving a solid legacy and generational wealth for his children.