Robert F. Smith’s internXL has launched a collaboration with to provide access to AI tools.

According to a press release shared with AFROTECH™, internXL announced that it has partnered with’s FYI (Focus Your Ideas), an AI-driven collaboration platform. Co-founded by tech entrepreneur Sunil Reddy, FYI works to provide creatives with messaging, collaboration tools, file management, and content publishing features to increase productivity, per its website.

Now the new partnership’s goal is to provide college students and recent graduates from underserved communities with exposure to artificial intelligence as well as facilitate engineering industry work opportunities.

“Joining forces with Robert F. Smith, alongside internXL and FYI, is a dream come true because it shows people from our communities what our future will look like with the support of purpose-driven tech,” shared in a press statement. “By being solution-oriented, we prepare today’s generation to be the industry-makers of tomorrow. The aim is to focus our ideas with AI to solve yesterday’s problems; the future starts today.”

The press release details that internXL, connected to more than 30,000 students, has AI-generated recommendations that take a student’s educational background, career aspirations, cognitive abilities, personality, and learning style into consideration when matching candidates with employers. The intent is to ensure employers don’t use single-data biases to exclude students.

With’s FYI and network, the partnership with internXL is set to create initiatives and programs that will support college students with learning practical skills, training opportunities, and more.

“Through this partnership, we want every young person with the drive, talent and commitment to have exposure to career opportunities that could change their life — just like my first internship experience did for me,” said Smith, founding director of Fund II Foundation, which leads the internXL initiative. “Together, we will prepare students for in-demand fields and empower them to lead in our growing economy.”