Getting your groceries delivered is really convenient, but the cost can rack up when you add in delivery fees. Now, Walmart has introduced “Delivery Unlimited,” a new grocery delivery service.

First spotted by TechCrunch — the service costs $98 per year or $12.95 monthly. By selecting it, customers are able to skip the per order delivery fee that’s standard for Walmart’s home delivery service.

To use the service, customers have to place their orders on Walmart’s site or app. From there, customers are able to choose a time slot for when they want their orders delivered.

This is essentially an expansion of Walmart’s grocery program. Previously, it had two options. Customers could shop online and have everything delivered to their local Walmart for free or they could pay $9.95 as a delivery fee for each order.

If you order groceries online more than once a month, $98 for the year is a good deal. Without it, you’d be paying more money in delivery fees throughout the year, so it does allow customers to save money.

Grocery delivery services have become a far more competitive marketplace recently. It’s clear that Walmart is trying to make themselves the cheapest option in comparison to their competitors.

Right now, Amazon’s Prime Now is the most expensive option at $119 per year. However, Target isn’t too far behind matching Walmart’s prices. The company’s new delivery service with Shipt only costs $99 a year.