Retail giant Walmart is in talks of developing its own video game streaming service, according to reporting from US Gamer.

The service is set to compete with Google’s latest streaming release, Stadia.

Walmart has had an interesting history in attempting to build out its business with technology. In November, the company started using virtual reality headsets to train its employees.

Walmart has also toyed with the idea of a video-streaming service but has since tabled its discussions, according to reports from CNBC. Walmart began focusing on Vudu, a video streaming property it acquired in 2010 after distancing itself from its other streaming plans.

Walmart Labs — the Silicon Valley-based developer branch of the company — works to improve the company’s digital presence. Walmart has also constructed data centers in Missouri.

Walmart’s former chief technology officer Jeremy King led the labs for eight years before moving to Pinterest to serve as head of engineering ahead of its IPO.

As big tech firms and other businesses insert themselves into gaming — the trends may open more doors for minority game developers. According to a report by the International Game Developers Association, 84 percent of respondents felt that diversity in the game industry was very important.