Vince Staples is venturing into new territory!

According to Pitchfork, he has penned a graphic novel, “Limbo Beach,” which has an anticipated release date of December 2021.

The book is currently underway in partnership with Bryan Edward Hill, the author of “Batman & the Outsiders” and “Titan,” Chris Robinson of “Children of the Atom,” and Buster Moody of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

“Every kid has the same story. Wash up on shore. Enter the amusement park. Get superpowers. Why are you so different?” reads the book’s summary. “Join fan-favorite rapper Vince Staples, Bryan Edward Hill, Chris Robinson, and Buster Moody on an adventure into the mysterious Limbo Beach, an island theme park ruled by adolescents with unique abilities! Follow the newest member of the Wunderlosts, a band of misfit teenage raiders, on a journey to discover the truth about the park—and himself—in a tale that is equal parts Lord of the Flies and The Warriors.”

“’Limbo Beach’ is the story of lost children fighting to regain their stolen youth,” said Staples in a statement. “It takes place in a world similar to the one that we all live in, where we are shaped by our experiences and those around us. I appreciate the opportunity to create these stories in a way that I never have before. Hopefully, it is the first of many.”

Staples is booked and busy because he also has a new self-titled album featuring lead single, “Law of Averages,” that’s set to release July 9.

In a statement about the new project produced by Kenny Beats, Staples says people will gain a better understanding of who he is as a person.

“It really gives much more information about me that wasn’t out there before,” he said. “That’s why I went with that title. I feel like I’ve been trying to tell the same story. As you go on in life, your point of view changes. This is another take on myself that I might not have had before.”

Fans can pre-order “Limbo Beach” by clicking here