What doesn’t the metaverse have? At this point, it’s safe to say the latest virtual craze has a little bit of something for everyone — if you play your cards right.

During the latest episode, Black Tech Green Money host Will Lucas sat down with three gaming, VR, and metaverse experts: Mary Spio, CEO & Founder at Ceek VR Metaverse, Erin Ashley Simon, Gaming and Entertainment Host, Co-Owner of Xset, and Chris Barbour, Director fo AR Content Business Dev & Partnerships at Meta to discuss gaming and how it all ties into the beginning stages of the metaverse.

The Metaverse Buzz

“The kind of experiences that people want to have are increasingly more immersive,” said Barbour. “Think about text as a medium for communication and how that enables us — the kind of shared experiences we can have through written communication. Then we emerged into photos being a medium for even more immersive ways for us to share our lives with one another, and to participate in each other’s lives. Now, we’re finally in the era where video is accomplishing much of how we have shared in those immersive experiences. So, we believe that the next evolution of that is an internet that is immersive.”

He further explains how gaming can be used as that form of immersion within the metaverse.

“Instead of looking at the internet, you’re actually within the internet and therefore you’re able to have even stronger, personal relationships and connections with folks,” Barbour continued. ”The timing is kind of right for the technology to evolve to a point where these kinds of experiences are possible. We’re not quite there for the fullness of that vision, but we’re close and gaming, of course, is one of those cases.”

Defining A Whole New Wave

With the metaverse still in its Genesis stage, people have a lot to say when it comes to what it is and who exactly the new platform caters to the most. And during the episode, Lucas is able to get more insight into the definition of the virtual world, thanks to Simon.

“I would just define it as an immersive experience,” she explained. “When we discuss the metaverse and just seeing all of these different examples of it, I think it’s just to actually immerse yourself into this digital and virtual experience.”

For more on how exactly to immerse yourself into that said experience, listen to the full episode of Black Tech Green Money below.