Excellence runs in the DNA of twin sisters Keyara and Teyara Watson-Love.

Sisters Shared Previous Academic Milestones

Black News reports the sister duo accomplished yet another milestone simultaneously graduating with master’s degrees in speech-language pathology from Lamar University. The feat is impressive as just three percent of professionals in the field are Black women, according to Black News.

Before their shared accomplishment, Keyara and Teyara graduated with the highest honors and joined the top 10 percent of the graduating class at E.L. Furr High School. The sisters also participated in extracurricular activities in high school including CAID and SOCS with a focus on speech and hearing sciences.

What’s more, Keyara and Teyara later obtained their bachelors of science degrees in communication sciences and disorders of oral health with summa cum laude and magna cum laude honors.

Sisters Are Honoring Grandmother's Mission To Better Their Community

Their pathways would not be possible without the support from their parents, Michael and Sarah, who often reminded them of the importance of education. In addition, Keyara and Teyara’s belief in God has served as a bright light to steward their path in their respective fields.

Now, the sisters have thriving careers in the city of Houston. Keyara landed a position at Eastview Healthcare and Rehabilitation and Teyara is working at Copperfield Healthcare and Rehabilitation. Honoring the kindness of their grandmother, they wanted to help those in their communities. Their work involves helping patients in nursing homes with troubles in speech, language, cognition, and difficulties swallowing.

“As little girls, we watched our grandmother Ruth Watson help so many people throughout their lives. She had a very big heart and she never hesitated to give anyone a helping hand whenever she could,” Keyara and Teyara said, according to Black News.