The non-fungible token (NFT) can welcome a new face because rapper Trina Rockstarr has officially hopped on board.

Trina surprised fans late last week revealing she would be dropping her own set of rare NFTs. The Trina 10 is brought to life by digital artist Zevi G through NFT developers #456CollectorsClub. The collection provides a new medium to engage with fans.

“The evolution of the art scene becoming part of the metaverse has inspired me to use this opportunity to connect with my fans in a whole new way. 456 Collectors Club is about spreading #Love and #Unity through art. I am super excited for this NFT project,” said Trina, according to a press release.

What Fans Expect From The Drop

According to a recent Instagram post, the collection embodies multiple facets of Trina as a rapper, songwriter, television personality, and actress. Trina 10 will capture her essence with adorned diamonds, jewelry, and fashion. The collection holds a special place for the rapper as it will also pay homage to her passing mother and brother.

“NFT BREAKING NEWS: Trina Steps into Metaverse with #456CollectorsClub, World’s First #NFT Art Club presents the Trina 10, a set a 1/1 rare NFT’s designed by Trina in collaboration with the artist @zevigart. The set resembles many of Trina’s personal identity as a world renowned rapper, songwriter, television personality and actress, with pronounced Diamonds, Jewelry and Fashion and orange and blue hues of color in memory of her beloved mother and little brother, ” an Instagram post read.

More Gems In Store For Fans Who Lock In

Trina 10 made its debut to the public on Jan. 23, 2022. The rare tokens are valued at 0.333 Ethereum and buyers who lock-in can look forward to physical works of art and more rewards, which include customizable gems. 

“One important characteristic on each 1 of 1 NFT will be that the Namaste will be carrying 2 diamonds instead of 1, so you can stamp that #rare NFT right away! Lookout for some custom background colors and unique details” said Trina, according to a press statement.