TikTok has already been taking over social media, but it looks like it isn’t finished quite yet.

As previously reported by AfroTech, the video platform has aided in artists racking in millions of streams.

According to Insider, TikTok could possibly be taking full advantage of this momentum by launching a music app with ByteDance — its parent company.

It’s been reported that the technology company filed a trademark for “TikTok Music” back in May, which follows its filing in Australia in November 2021. The fairly recent trademark filing by ByteDance would allow users to purchase, play, share, and download music. Additionally, users would be able to create, share, and recommend playlists, comment on music, and live stream audio and video.

According to The Verge, ByteDance isn’t a newbie when it comes to music streaming. Resso — a music streaming app launched by the company in 2020 — has been available to users in India, Brazil, and Indonesia. Similar to what’s described in the filing, the app has features where people can “create playlists, share songs on social media, and interact with the app’s community.”

In a report from The Information, it shared that the TikTok app in Brazil helps in garnering new Resso users with the help of a button that allows listeners to hear the full version of songs included in the TikTok videos.

What’s next for TikTok isn’t quite clear yet, but Spotify and Apple may want to keep a lookout. 

Facebook is another social media giant that’s becoming more involved in music. As previously reported by AfroTech, the Meta company announced its first-of-its-kind music licensing feature to equip creators with a 20 percent revenue share.

“No other platform offers creators this type of revenue model at this scale,” said the company in a blog post revealing the news. “It’s the first of its kind at this scale, benefiting creators, our partners, music rights holders, and fans.”