Jigsaw just launched an experimental Chrome extension called Tune that lets users “control the volume” of toxic conversations they see across the internet.

Tune uses artificial intelligence to moderate content and comments on social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – all of which have made their own individual efforts to curtail hate speech and harassment on their platforms.

Tune provides users with volume control. You can turn on “zen mode” and completely tune out all toxic conversations or be exposed to all comments, even the ugly stuff. The volume setting also lets users moderate content with slurs, profanity and hate speech.

In July, Facebook released a feature that lets users mute words and phrases from their newsfeeds. Twitter has a similar feature and users can mute a phrase for a specific time.

Tune isn’t perfect yet  — its developers say that some offensive comments may slip through the cracks and other comments that aren’t deemed as “toxic’ may be removed. Developers are asking users to send feedback to better improve the extension.

Tune’s developers said the tool is meant to “empower people as they read discussions online,” not to be the solution.

“Tune isn’t meant to be a solution for direct targets of harassment (for whom seeing direct threats can be vital for their safety), nor is Tune a solution for all toxicity,” the company said in the Chrome Web Store.

The extension is currently only available in English.