Mother-daughter duo Jana and Janelle McQueen operate the first and only mother-daughter orthodontics practice in the United States, according to WDIV

Dr. Jana opened her practice in 1998 when her daughter, Dr. Janelle, was just a baby. Now, after following in her mothers footsteps — even attending the same college and dental school — the pair run three McQueen Orthodontics Specialists centers in Metro Detroit. Both women graduated top of their class from Meharry Medical College and Howard University.

“I didn’t ask her to do this,” said Dr. Jana. “It just warms my heart to have her as my legacy; the comfort of knowing once I decide to retire, the practice is going to be in good hands.”

They are now working to help other young women professionals like Dr. Janelle grow in this male-dominated industry by offering mentoring and job shadowing to individuals who are interested. 

“Especially the Black mothers that come in here and they’re bringing their daughters in here, they’re like, ‘Oh look at this; look, the mom and daughter are doing this; she’s a doctor, you can achieve this goal,’” said Dr. Janelle.

The two operate McQueen Orthodontics Specialists in various locations across Michigan, including Dearborn, Southfield, Clinton Township.