It’s no secret that the eSports industry has been on a steady climb to the top these past several years. What began as small competitions between gamers has become a nearly billion-dollar industry. By 2022, the market is set to hit $1.79 billion, according to estimates from Newzoo.

While most of the attention is on the games, teams, and growth of the industry, there are still other aspects of the eSports industry that entrepreneurs who are looking for an entry point to consider.

1. Sponsorship

Streamers and Pro-Gaming teams need someone to pay for travel, entry fees, equipment, etc., in turn, they wear the company’s logo and build brand awareness.

2. Apparel

Sports fans love to wear their favorite team’s logo, and eSports is no different. For example, — established in 1999 — was initially a place for hackers and geek-themed clothing, now it carries lines of clothing and apparel for gamers Anne Munition and Shroud.

3. Equipment

Sites such as and have entire sections of their websites dedicated to eSports. They sell assorted equipment of computers, consoles, equipment, and furniture meant to provide the best gaming experience for aspiring athletes.

4. Streaming Platforms

YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Mixer, and DLive are just some of the platforms where gamers can stream content and earn both reputation and money.

According to estimates from Newzoo, streaming gameplay is expected to reach an audience of 453.8 million this year with 201.2 million “eSports Enthusiasts” and 252.6 million “Occasional Viewers.”

There are multiple ways to find an entry into the industry of eSports, but it’s really about what works best for you. Either way, from the looks of it, this could prove to be a fruitful endeavor with the immense amount of growth the industry has experienced and is expected to reach.