The Weeknd may be looking to represent his country in a new way.

The Canadian star has reportedly joined the bid for the Ottawa Senators, according to the Ottawa Sun. The Weeknd’s bidding group is led by Jeffrey and Michael Kimel of the Harlo Capital Group.

Per the private equity firm’s website, it is Toronto-based and manages over $250 million in assets.

The outlet notes that not only is The Weeknd connected to the area of Ottawa, but also that he’s a longtime hockey fan.

As previously shared by AfroTech, Snoop Dogg was said to have joined the bidding for the team as well with Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Neko Sparks to potentially become part owners. Sparks’ group aims to be one of the most diverse ownership groups.

“[Snoop Dogg is] passionately involved,” The Athletic’s source shared. “He’s coming up with ideas. And he’s legitimately excited. He wants this team.”

The source added: “He’s passionate about trying to make this game affordable for visible minorities and kids in low-income areas who haven’t been able to play hockey in the past. He wants to be community oriented.”

In addition to Snoop Dogg and Sparks, actor Ryan Reynolds and the Remington Group are reportedly preparing a $1 billion bid to purchase the Ottawa Senators and build a new arena for the team if they win.

“It can be a plus for the franchise going forward,” NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said in an interview with SiriusXM about celebrities joining, per Billboard. “But the bids are going to have to stand on their own merit.”

Additionally, there are also multiple other bidding groups that are interested in the Senators’ sale, including Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé.

The deadline for bids to be placed to purchase the Ottawa Senators is on May 15 and will be overseen by Galatioto Sports Partners.