Music artists often lament about having access to the money generated from their music streams. In some cases, it takes months for them to receive their royalty checks. Create Music Group (CMG) is implementing a system to address that. The music distribution and publishing company has introduced a beta program called Create Carbon, a credit card directly linked to artists’ royalty revenue, according to Rolling Stone.

Create Carbon is a sleek black titanium card powered by MasterCard and can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. With this program artists can instantaneously access their earnings as soon as they get them. This allows them to explore more marketing opportunities, tours, and other expenses without any barriers. 

For independent artists, almost anything you do involves you being able to act instantaneously. If you want to invest in any type of marketing campaign, you can’t wait two months,” says CEO and co-founder of CMG, Jonathan Strauss. “That’s the reason you see artists switch from distribution companies to record labels. They get a trend going on a platform and streams go up, but they don’t have access to the revenue coming from that.”

So far, 100 artists have tested out the pilot program from Future to Funkmaster Flex. In the coming months they will be able to enter a CMG rewards system, build their credit, and apply for loans. 

Alexandre Williams, CMG’s COO and co-founder, tells Rolling Stone this invention will help artists navigate the business side of the industry. 

“We’re trying to get our artists to think like entrepreneurs and build their brand, to have a system where they can reinvest in themselves,” Williams said. “We built the program with being able to show daily royalties as a long-term experiment to see how indie artists are affected when they can see that every day. One of the biggest things we found was the output they’d done was so much higher than when they’d never seen their royalties framed that way, and we think the card will have similar results.”