Not only is Lucky Charms loved by kids, but it also ensues nostalgia for older generations that reminds them of their own childhood.

As the staple cereal sparks the power of vivid imagination, the fun has now been penned into a children’s book and is being introduced by Taye Diggs.

BET reports that the actor and author has partnered with Lucky Charms for its first book, “The Magic Inside.” Touching on the importance of self-acceptance, the book will take readers into the story of Lucky the Leprechaun and his journey of celebrating his differences “all the while discovering he has magical powers.”

“Magic lives in all of us, and by sharing more of Lucky’s story and his journey of self-discovery, we want to inspire families to find their own special magic,” said Mindy Murray, senior brand experience manager at General Mills, according to BET. “We hope The Magic Inside encourages a love of reading by immersing parents and kids in a fun, adventurous story about Lucky and his family!”

As an author, Diggs has gone on to write five children’s books including his most recent “Why?” which focuses on racial justice. For “Magic Inside,” in particular, its message is one that he states has been a common theme for his previous children’s books such as “Chocolate Me!” and “Mixed Me!”

“It’s a reminder to everyone how special and unique being different can be,” Diggs said. “As adults, we can all relate to feeling like being an outsider or not a part of the ‘in-group’ – it’s good to be reminded there’s some magic in recognizing what makes us different.”

The Magic Inside

For kids and parents who want to take a trip to Fairyland, Diggs is set to read the first chapter of the new book on Instagram Live via Lucky Charm’s account on Mar. 2 — Read Across America Day.

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