Just because one works in the tech space does not mean that their mental health should be neglected.

In fact, when it all boils down, technology could take a huge toll on a person’s well-being — especially with social media ever-evolving into a place filled with how one’s life should look.

This week, AfroTech’s Will Lucas was joined by Y Combinator alum and founder and CEO of MentalHappy, Tamar Blue, for an all-new episode of Black Tech Green Money. And for Blue, mental health and tech go hand-in-hand through her platform that aims to help individuals overcome life-altering events through professionally-led peer support groups.

Changing The Narrative

“We started MentalHappy six years ago and it doesn’t sound like a long time, but I feel like the progress [that focusing on] mental health has made feels like 20 years within the six years because it just wasn’t a thing,” said Blue. “And it definitely wasn’t a thing to talk about amongst people of color.”

What’s more, Blue comes from a Caribbean background and her co-founder is from West Africa. Therefore, she explains how the two of them are not only changing the narrative for others but within their own family dynamics and respective cultures, too.

“We were the ones kind of pushing the change in our families and our friend groups to talk about [mental health], especially amongst men,” she continued. “[For] men of color, it wasn’t a conversation and I think, now, the reason why it’s becoming such a hot topic is because I think people are just worn out. We’re just fed up with everything that’s happening in society.”

Hear More From Tamar Blue

For more on how tech can both positively and negatively impact mental health, plus the metaverse, its potential impact on the matter, and more, listen to the full episode of Black Tech Green Money by clicking here.