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How To Negotiate A Salary Increase In 2024

As annual reviews arise, securing a salary increase may be on your list of professional goals. Whether negotiating within your current role or pursuing new opportunities, mastering the art of salary negotiation can be a pivotal move, ensuring your compensation reflects your skills and expertise. According to Career Builder , a significant 73% of employers in the United States expect candidates to negotiate salary when presented with an initial job offer. However, despite this expectation, a surprising 55% of job candidates choose not to negotiate their salary. This reluctance often stems from factors such as a lack of confidence in negotiation skills, fear of rejection, limited information about industry standards or company compensation, and a perceived lack of bargaining power. Adding to this, data from Pew Research Center reveals there is a gender disparity in salary increases. A higher percentage of men (42%) express satisfaction with the initially offered pay compared to women...

Jan 19, 2024

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast: What It Means And Why Businesses Should Strive For It

Having a successful business is not just about creating the next big idea or must-have product; it is also about the people that one employs. A toxic work culture can be fatal for a business’s bottom line, yet a quick search through GlassDoor proves that there are plenty of companies being run into the ground thanks to mismanagement and poor leadership. While poor attitudes and shifty management are top reasons for employees leaving a company, not all businesses know how to pivot and correct toxic workplaces — much to the detriment of employee retention. A famous saying coined by Peter Drucker is that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” What does this mean, how does it influence a business’s success, and what can firms do to improve a suffering culture within a company? Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast While it may sound like a trendy bit of jargon, Peter Drucker’s statement gets to the core of what drives businesses — its people. Unsurprisingly, happy people put in 110...