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This 11-Year-Old Hacked His School's Internet For Months & Folks Want Him To Do The Same For Student Loans

This little guy is a genius! Per ESSENCE, last week, a mother by the name of Victoria disclosed a story about her son Elijah who got into serious trouble at his school for hacking their virtual classes. Not only did Elijah get in trouble with the school, but law enforcement also got involved after blocking his school’s classes by tapping into the internet server that they operated under. Victoria detailed how her son, four police officers, the district attorney’s office, superintendent, principal, and three IT technicians were awaiting her once she arrived to figure out what was going on. “He was shaking, very visibly upset,” she explained as she pondered what could have gone wrong. “What possibly could my 11-year-old child who is in 5th grade have done that has warranted all of this police activity?” She was blown away after finding out what had been going down. “He has been controlling the Internet at the school for the past 3 months,” Victoria shared in a TikTok video. Elijah...

Nov 11, 2021

Entrepreneur Tere Tatiana is the First Black Woman to Offer Virtual Trucking Classes to Black Women

Black women entrepreneurs have been the blueprint to starting successful independent businesses, as they are the largest female minority group of business owners, according to Business News Daily . Among those many Black women entrepreneurs is serial businesswoman and social media influencer Tere Tatiana. Tatiana, a Georgia native with several business ventures, is a multi-faceted entrepreneur who operates four of her own businesses — Labeled Blu Collections, Labeled Blu Realty, Labeled Blu Transportation, and Southern Hospitality Adult Daycare Facility. Over the years, Tatiana saw how many people inquired about how to start their own trucking business. She later introduced a subsidiary of her company Labeled Blu Transportation to launch virtual trucking classes, a first-of-its-kind venture for a Black woman. “After getting so many questions and having the same conversations over and over, I thought it’d be a great idea to just put my ideas and information in a “One Stop Shop”...

Nov 23, 2020