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Venus And Serena Williams Made 'Miami Dolphins History' As Minority Owners In 2009 — Today, The Team's Said To Be Worth $4.6B

While Venus and Serena Williams have made sports history on the tennis court, they’ve also made history beyond it. AfroTech previously reported the sisters were the first Black women to become minority investors in an NFL team after securing a stake in the Miami Dolphins.

Jun 1, 2023

Jay-Z Reportedly Offered Bacardi $1.5B To Buy Full Ownership Of D'Usse

Jay-Z reportedly made Bacardi an offer they could refuse in 2021. According to TMZ, the Hip-Hop billionaire offered the company $1.5 billionaire to have full ownership of D’Usse.

Dec 2, 2022

Is Jay-Z Looking To Sell His Ownership Stake In D'Ussé?

The saga continues. More details have been unraveled about Jay-Z’s lawsuit with his long-term partnership with Bacardi.

Oct 21, 2022

Steve Stoute's Music Startup UnitedMasters Reaches $550M Valuation

UnitedMasters, a startup record label and distribution company, has announced that it has reached a $550 million valuation after a new infusion of capital led by Andreessen Horowitz. In a press release, it was announced that the New York-based company raised a $50 million Series C, which they said they will be using to advance their operations overseas. What’s more, they said, their music business model is one that’s different from so-called “traditional” record labels, in that they rely on such social media platforms as TikTok to bolster their artists’ presence. In the UnitedMasters business model, artists retain the rights to their masters, and the company takes a fee for licensure and other opportunities. In this way, the company makes money from licensing, while the artist gets the backing of a company with a record label type of service behind it. Additionally, AfroTech previously reported that the company also has partnered with Coinbase to provide cryptocurrency capabilities...

Know Your Worth: How Startups Can Determine Their Valuation

Determining the valuation of your startup before presenting to investors can provide you (the founder) with a better understanding of how much your startup is worth. Plus, it will allow you to pinpoint how investor negotiations should be handled. Although growth and traction might be challenging for early startups, a valuation can still be done. Here are some pointers on determining your startup’s valuation: Determine Your Revenue Revenue is king of startup valuation. Therefore, you should know how much money your startup has generated. However, it might be difficult to asses monetary growth early in the game, or your monetary assessment might not be up to par with venture capital (VC) standards and expectations. To prove the valuation and potential growth of your startup, you could include things like monthly views, weekly revenue instead of annual income, or positive reviews from a set number of customers. Using alternative yet legit revenue predictors can show VCs your valuation...

Oct 25, 2019