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SoLo Funds Becomes First Black-Owned Personal Finance Platform With One Million Registered Users

SoLo Funds seems to have a lot to celebrate. According to a press release shared with AfroTech, it is now the first Black-owned personal finance platform to reach over one million registered users.

Samantha Dorisca

Feb 28, 2023

SoLo Funds Becomes The Only Black-Owned Fintech Startup To Acquire B Corp Certification

SoLo Funds is a capital marketplace reimaging how traditional lending platforms should operate in communities. Founders Rodney Williams and Travis Holoway created a solution to financially empower underserved communities. The fintech company was launched after witnessing the economic hardships of close peers and family members that arose during an unplanned emergency.  In fact, most Americans can not afford a $1,000 surprise expense, according to a new survey. For cash-strapped Americans who do not have aid from family members or access to financial solutions, the founders pondered, “Where can they go for assistance?” This question served as the premise for SoLo Funds’ inception in 2015. The company prides itself in offering equitable solutions to build minority communities. Now through the company’s mobile app, individuals looking to acquire emergency capital can acquire a loan in less than 30 minutes. “For us, this is huge. I think about what the community bank is supposed to do...

Samantha Dorisca

Dec 2, 2021

SoLo Funds connects lenders and borrowers for affordable access to small loans

SoLo Funds is a Cincinnati-based startup that’s providing a solution for the average American worker — many of which can’t afford emergency expenses because of how small loans work in our financial institutions. And it’s using community to do so.   For most people who need to borrow a small loan, traditional banks aren’t an option. And we know that payday loan institutions charge high interest rates and often take advantage of borrowers. But SoLo Funds is a mobile lending exchange connecting lenders and borrowers for the purpose of providing more affordable access to loans under $1,000.   SoLo Funds launched officially on April 2 and closed their $1.2M seed round. Founders for the mobile startup include Travis Holoway, Rodney Williams, Jarrel Carter and Taylor Conophy.   Photo: SoLo Funds   “The idea of people lending and borrowing amongst each other in this form is refreshingly different than our predecessors,” says Travis Holoway, CEO & Co-Founder of SoLo Funds. “This is an...

Christine Cauthen

Apr 11, 2018