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Chantrell Frazier Becomes The First Black Woman To Earn A Doctorate In Biochemistry At Florida International University

Student-athlete Chantrell Frazier is finding success off the court, becoming the first Black woman to earn a doctorate in biochemistry at Florida International University.

Jun 27, 2022

How Andres Martin's HBCU Night Evolved Into A Nonprofit That's Generated Millions Of Dollars In Scholarships

Education was an important discussion in the household of Andres Martin, the founder of nonprofit HBCU Night. As a first-generation college student, Martin had the opportunity to be someone great. He was determined to make his mother, who had encouraged the pursuit of college within their household, proud. During the HBCU Night founder’s senior year of high school, one of the most pivotal years for a student prior to beginning college, he received a discouraging message from his guidance counselor. “With grades like these, you won’t even get into community college,” said the counselor. The words would resonate with the Connecticut-native but they would not shake his spirit. Developing a plan with his mother and aunt, they were able to strategize a game plan for Andres Martin to attend college. It was this decision that would lead Martin to Dallas, TX upon graduation where he would visit Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) such as Texas Southern, Prairie View A&M and...

Nov 12, 2021

Howard University Sweethearts Donate $5M, The Largest-Ever Alumni Donation In Its History

Howard University sweethearts Eddie C. Brown and C. Sylvia Brown have just made the largest alumni donation the Historically Black College and University (HBCU) has ever received. According to the university, the couple pledged $5 million, which will be allocated toward Graduation Retention Access to Continued Excellence (GRACE), a need-based fund established by Howard University President Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick in 2014. “We are extremely grateful to Eddie and Sylvia for making this historic gift to Howard University,” Frederick shared in a press release. “The GRACE Grant has helped to eliminate financial barriers to education for Howard students, and I am thrilled that the Browns were inspired to commit such a generous gift to this important fund. My hope is that students will be inspired by their story and generosity and that others in our alumni community will consider the many ways they, too, can impact current and future generations of Howard students.” For Eddie and Sylvia,...

Oct 14, 2021

Viral First Grader Who Wore A Mask In His School Photos Receives Over $30K Toward College Fund

When first grader Mason Peoples went to take his school picture, a Dorian Studio photographer presented the six-year-old with a difficult question which turned into a hilarious exchange that went viral on his mother Nicole Tucker’s Facebook last week. Sporting his mask, the photographer requested for Mason to take off his mask for his shining moment. Following his mother’s orders Mason responds, ”My mom said to keep it on all the time unless I’m eating and far from everybody.” The photographer reportedly suggested to Mason the removal of the mask would only be temporary to take the picture. The first grader insists, “No, Thank you, I always listen to my mom!” The photographer responds, “Ok, say cheese!” The standard protocol for Dorian Studio is to verify with schools if masks are optional for students prior to conducting the portraits. Upon approval from the school, the photographer presents the option to students, Good Morning America reports. “If students don’t want to [remove...

Oct 4, 2021

Meet the 12-Year-Old British-Nigerian Wiz Kid Who Made a Historical Mathematics Discovery

Our youth are some of the most gifted individuals we have making major contributions to STEM and 12-year-old Chika Ofili is no different. The young Nigerian boy — who’s based in the U.K. — made a historical discovery by unearthing a new mathematical formula to make the study of mathematics easier to understand. Ofili was rewarded for his discovery back in November at the TruLittle Hero Awards . 12-year-old British-Nigerian Whizkid, Chika Ofili won the Academic Hero award at the Tru Little Hero Awards for discovering a new Mathematics formula. — Africa Facts Zone (@AfricaFactsZone) November 11, 2019 Ofili’s mathematics teacher, Miss Mary Ellis, head of the math department at Westminster Under School, revealed that he made the discovery during a holiday assignment. Ellis gave Ofili a book called “First Steps for Problem Solvers” to study during the holidays. The book contained several divisibility tests to check if numbers are divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,...

Apr 1, 2020