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Sterling Smith Helps Black Founders Launch E-Commerce Apps In Less Than 10 Minutes

As we look toward the future of retail for Black founders many questions come to mind. What do retailers want? How can they be successful? For founders like Sterling Smith, the answer is simple. “Retailers want freedom,” he tells Will Lucas on the latest episode of the Black Tech Green Money podcast. “Retailers want flexibility and they want the ability to say ‘hey, I’m with Shopify one day but it isn’t allowing me to service my customers in this way, using this third-party integration partner so let me go to BitCommerce. They also want minimum to zero lag time and downtime.” He also explains that retailers also want to be able to not only complete transactions with their customers but also want to be able to leverage the data and own their customer data. “Technologies like Sandbox Commerce allows for growing brands and retailers to do just that in the same way that larger brands snd retailers that you may find in stores like Nordstroms are doing,” continued Smith.   View this post...

Jun 8, 2021