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Uncharted Power CEO Jessica O. Matthews Sees The Opportunity That Lies In Smart Cities And Black Power

If Beyoncé and Bill Nye The Science Guy had a baby it would be Jessica O. Matthews, according to her. Matthews is the founder and CEO of Uncharted Power — the award-winning renewable power and sustainable company which is now well on its way to creating smart cities around the world. She founded the company at the tender age of 22 and has been on a mission to create a world where there’s universal access to smart, sustainable infrastructure and where people have access to the same infrastructure that could allow them to live longer. “I know I can’t cure death, but I can cure life,” said Matthews during the latest episode of the Black Tech Green Money podcast. For her, the underlying mission stems from a personal experience of losing loved ones in her home of Nigeria due to the lack of basic physical systems needed to survive and thrive. “The first step in innovation is the articulation of the problem,” she continued. “The way that you articulate that problem will then drive what you...

Apr 13, 2021