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11 Online Activists Using Their Platforms to Stir Social Change

Living in today’s digital age amid the worldwide fight for social justice, social media activism has become a huge hot-button topic. While many argue that posting on social media contributes little to legislative change and reform, there’s still some good that comes from spreading positive and informative messages via social channels. According to a study , social networking platforms have emerged as a key venue for political debate and discussion and a place to engage in civic-related activities. As many users have participated in big and small acts in social activism online, there are leaders in the Black community who have taken it a step further. Check out a list of leaders and influencers whose online activism extends beyond their digital platforms below: Gia Peppers Photo Credit: LinkedIn Multi-talented entertainment journalist and on-air talent Gia Peppers has always been regarded as a huge supporter of Black culture and telling Black stories. Her platform has given way for...

Njera Perkins

Jul 10, 2020