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Shaquille O'Neal Has A $400M Fortune, But Did You Know He Sold The Rights To Manage His Name And Likeness To Authentic Brands Group?

One cultural staple in Black culture is the pride the community takes in their names. There is power and authority in a name, from the generational classics to the unique identifiers that cause one to shine bright in any environment. The late rap legend DMX confirms this truth in his 1999 classic, “What They Really Want.” The power of a name becomes more robust with a rise in influence and celebrity. As these things increase, so does the ability to monetize one’s likeness. NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal knows this truth firsthand. In 2015, Authentic Brands Group (ABG) acquired the rights to manage the former Los Angeles Laker’s name in merchandise and endorsements.

Aug 12, 2022

Trademark Filed By Shaq's Son Shaqir O'Neal Hit With Notice Of Opposition From The Company That Owns His Father's Likeness

Jay-Z once said, “Nobody wins when the family feuds.” And there may be some dissension in the O’Neal camp. Based on a Notice of Opposition from Authentic Brands Group (ABG), the company that represents Shaquille O’Neal’s likeness, wants to put an end to the pending trademark application filed by his son, Shaqir O’Neal. But is this really beef between father and son? Of course not. Based on information from attorney Josh Gerben, the root of the issues appears to be between the two teams that represent the separate O’Neal men. Well, this is awkward. The company that owns Shaq’s trademarks (Authentic Brands Group) has opposed his son’s trademark filing for “SHAQIR O’NEAL.” How on earth did this happen? #Shaq #Trademarks A thread 🧵 [1/8] — Josh Gerben (@JoshGerben) July 19, 2022

Jul 26, 2022