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HERide Is The First Black-Owned Rideshare Company To Secure A Contract With Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Co-founders Jillian Anderson and DeVynne Starks are breaking ground in one of the nation’s busiest airports. Anderson and Starks are leading HERide, a rideshare company that prioritizes women’s safety. The concept was born in 2017 after Anderson dedicated time to pursuing a professional basketball career. Anderson then moved to Atlanta, GA, and worked in the gig economy as a rideshare worker. On her routes, she recognized a pattern among female passengers — they expressed hesitation about rideshares. “There were a lot of women that were hesitant with riding with men at night using Uber and Lyft. I realized that this was just a consistent problem that those platforms did not have any intention on solving. So I decided to solve it myself,” Anderson, 31, chief technology officer, told AFROTECH™. Bootstrapping the venture, HERide launched in 2019. Anderson brought her insights from her undergraduate years at Albany State University in Albany, GA, where she completed a Bachelor of...

Samantha Dorisca

Apr 2, 2024

Five Things to Know Before Working as an Uber Driver

Considering working for Uber? Becoming an Uber Driver can help you supplement your full-time income, help you cover expenses if you’re in between jobs, or even provide enough income to support you full-time. But while you can make real money driving for Uber, doing so is not as simple as opening up the app every day and accepting riders. You’ll need to be strategic about when and where you accept fares. You’ll need to be personable to maximize tips, and you should know your service area well in case your navigation app fails. Here are five other things you should know before you accept your first ride: Plan for Expenses As a driver, you’ll have extra expenses, including gas, tolls, and excess wear and tear on your car. So you should determine how much you want to earn each week at the outset — a figure that should include an estimate of the additional expenses you incur. Doing so will help you determine where and when you try to pick up riders, as well as how long you’ll likely need...

Stephanie Ogbogu

Mar 16, 2020

Black-Owned Rideshare Startup Aims to be Safe Alternative for Women and Children

North Carolina native, Diondre Lewis, is adding his own flare to the rideshare industry. His Charlotte-based rideshare and logistics company, ScoopM, is giving riders a different option other than mainstream companies like Uber and Lyft. ScoopM sets itself apart from other rideshare apps with its focus on safety. According to the official ScoopM site , the company promises no creepy drivers, dashcam stream, and an emergency panic button. The Charlotte Post reports that ScoopM’s safety measures are designed with women and children in mind. In light of past misconduct of Uber rideshare drivers , ScoopM also incorporates mandatory FBI screenings, driver interviews, and random drug tests. Along with maintaining rider safety, ScoopM also aims to provide drivers with higher pay and better benefits. “The awesome thing about rideshare is that it has been created by these entities,” Lewis told The Charlotte Post. “Uber and Lyft, they’ve also created a connected economy, gig economy where...

Devin Crudup

Feb 4, 2020

Google Maps Is Testing A Feature That Could Help Make Taxi Rides Safer

Taxis or rideshare apps are often a convenient way to get around, but there are safety concerns that have existed since these services began. We’ve all heard stories of friends texting each other before they get in cars to ensure each other’s safety. Now, Google is testing a new Maps feature that it hopes may help make riders safer. According to Business Insider , the new feature will let people see when their driver veers off course — and their friends can track the journey live. The feature was originally spotted by XDA Developers . Riders will be alerted if their driver goes more than 500 meters off track.  For people who are trying to explore a new city, this can help give them peace of mind. Right now, the feature is only being tested in India, and there’s no public timeline for its release. Veering off a Google route is pretty common for drivers, but it’s still good feature for people who want to feel secure while they’re traveling on the road with a complete stranger. It’s...

Vanessa Taylor

Jun 13, 2019