North Carolina native, Diondre Lewis, is adding his own flare to the rideshare industry. His Charlotte-based rideshare and logistics company, ScoopM, is giving riders a different option other than mainstream companies like Uber and Lyft.

ScoopM sets itself apart from other rideshare apps with its focus on safety. According to the official ScoopM site, the company promises no creepy drivers, dashcam stream, and an emergency panic button. The Charlotte Post reports that ScoopM’s safety measures are designed with women and children in mind. In light of past misconduct of Uber rideshare drivers, ScoopM also incorporates mandatory FBI screenings, driver interviews, and random drug tests.

Along with maintaining rider safety, ScoopM also aims to provide drivers with higher pay and better benefits.

“The awesome thing about rideshare is that it has been created by these entities,” Lewis told The Charlotte Post. “Uber and Lyft, they’ve also created a connected economy, gig economy where people can work when they want, people can live the lifestyle they want to live, they can supplement their own existing income. They’ve created this massive market, but they’re not paying their drivers right, they’re not being transparent regarding the way that they pay. And they are not background checking their drivers adequately.”

ScoopM promotes that their drivers will make 10-15 percent more than competitors and offers auto maintenance/repair plans.

Lewis has his sights set on the future and predicts that there will be a growth in the rideshare market.

“We see the market accelerating into almost $1 trillion a year range within the next five to six years,” he told The Charlotte Post.

With such a predicted upward acceleration of the industry, Lewis’ goal is to be in operation across the U.S. and UK, but for now The Charlotte Post reports ScoopM is expanding via food deliveries in Charlotte, Atlanta, Washington D.C, and Los Angeles.