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How Richard Pryor's 7 Children Are Honoring His $40M Comedy Legacy

In his lifetime, Richard Pryor was a comedy legend. Though his groundbreaking eponymous sketch show only lasted for four episodes in the 1970s, it went on to pave the way for such future sketch shows as “In Living Color” and “A Black Lady Sketch Show.” But even though NBC didn’t have the foresight to give the controversial comedian his flowers in his heyday, Richard Pryor taught a master class with each of his standup specials. A straight line, in fact, can be drawn from Pryor’s 1979 classic “Live in Concert” (which can be seen on Netflix now) and Eddie Murphy’s 1987 legendary stand-up comedy film, “Raw.” Any comedian, Black or white, worth his or her mettle cites Richard Pryor as an inspiration for their career, if not the confidence to get up in front of a live studio audience every night. It’s then, perhaps, not surprising that upon Pryor’s death in 2005, he left behind a $40 million net worth (per Celebrity Net Worth) — a net worth which his seven children, today, enjoy and...