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First Black-Owned Cream Liqueur With A National Presence Is On Its Way To Quintupling Its Revenue From 2020

This Black-owned cream liqueur brand with a national presence has announced a whole new brand identity! According to a press release, LS Cream Liqueur — inspired by the iconic, traditional Haitian drink known as “cremas” — is on track to quintuple its revenue from last year. The brand’s overall mission is to place the founder’s authentic family recipe in the hands of the modern drinker. View this post on Instagram A post shared by LS Cream Premium Liqueur (@lscreamliqueur) They’re also looking to transform the way that people enjoy cream liqueurs outside of just the holiday season. “LS was first inspired by my grandmother’s cremas recipe that we’ve enjoyed at our family celebrations for decades,” said co-founder Stevens Charles in an official press release. “We managed to capture the taste of cremas and put it in the form of a traditional cream liqueur to make it more versatile for cocktails and easy sipping since the homemade version is usually a thicker recipe. We’re excited to...

Shanique Yates

Nov 5, 2021