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This Researcher Is Giving Users The Experience They Need

Each time you open an app and navigate to a search bar or click “follow” on some other user’s page, there is a person behind the scenes researching and designing better ways to bring these features to you. User experience (UX) design is more than just making sure audiences know how to navigate an app. It is also about ensuring that a variety of people can use features effectively. “Before you can even make something look good, you have to understand why this person uses an app,” Renee Reid, UX Design Researcher at LinkedIn, said. “It is about first getting down to the core of understanding why and how someone would even use the feature.” As with most tech professions, UX’s lack of diversity greatly impacts the types of products that are put into the market. Reid said product developers often miss blindspots because they work to only solve problems for one group of people. “When you have a homogenous team, you’re only developing and testing in these homogenous environments,” Reid...

Arriana McLymore

Oct 14, 2019